Updated at 21.01.2019

In general, I'm just a guy who loves to seek creativity in various forms of art, especially fun is to play with ideas and automation. If the resources are limited, I can see if I could make something up with what I got.

I have a certain passion for creativity, and I know my limits and strengths. As a strength I consider that I like to try different styles, and new things excites me. As a weakness, I'd say I'm not good at realistic painting style, but I can try to replicate it by using, combining and modifying realistic images. That is, I have years worth of experience in texturing.

My creativity is quite a malleable one when needed. The most fun is to put my brain to work, and work up and research ideas and workflows. There's many projects I have been a part of, and therefore I could say that I'm a good team player. Being a "right hand" to art directors is among the things I have experience of. That reminds me, thank you to all that I have had the chance to work with, it has been an important part of my self development. On the top of all, I've put a lot of my free time into this "hobby", so I'd say that I mostly enjoy doing what I do.

Photoshop is my best friend, I've dug it in and out from it's features, and for the past many years, I've enjoyed making scripts and automation tools for the thing. Though it's just one of the things I can do and have interest in, the rest you can see listed below on this page. I've tried to be quite extensive in my listings, but in a way it would be somewhat pleasant to read.

But what is it that I've been up to and what I can do? Hope you check it out below :)


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